Playmat & Gym - Cheeky Faces


SKU : 75941pt02


Mamas &Papas' Cheeky Faces collection celebrates the vibrancy and excitement of playtime. With adorable characters, contrasting prints and friendly faces, your little one will enjoy exploring the range of hidden interactive features, noises and textures with a cheeky cast of characters.

Playtime is one of the most important times of the day - because that's where the fun really happens. And as your little one grows, it's nice to let them enjoy a little bit of independent play. That's why our Cheeky Faces Playmat and Gym is the ideal space for playtime. The soft, plush padded base means it's nice and comfy for them to lay on, and the gym arches are full of hanging toys which will entertain and engage your little one while you watch.

Product Features

Brightly coloured design made with super soft fabrics and an extra padded base
Removable arches featuring hanging toys with additional musical monkey toy
Hidden interactive features: ribbons, rattle, bell, teether, 3D elements and music

*Please note: To activate the music please pull the monkeys tail

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